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5 New Movie Releases That Will be Blockbusters


5 New movie releases that will be blockbusters
Movies are a part of our life and depict our day-to-day life and incidents. Today we can watch them online on several sites like movierulz2 and others. Watching them in our regional language is also possible nowadays. But it is very important to have an idea about which is best out of them. We cannot watch all the new releases which of course. The idea of the best movies can help us to find good content online when we have a lot of options. Here are the top five new releases that will be blockbusters for sure. You can go watch them in a theatre on OTT platforms.
How a new movie release becomes blockbuster
A movie that crosses its revenue than the budget producer invests in making it a blockbuster. It depends upon the plot, concept, cinematography, and cast to make it hit or flop. A lot of features combine to decide whether it is good or not. The fate of a release is decided in a few initial weeks in theatre according to the count of the ticket sale. If it is not making good revenue in its opening and getting backlashes you cannot see it going blockbuster.
What are the latest releases that can turn into blockbusters?

Here is a list of the latest and new upcoming releases that are going to turn blockbusters for sure. You can watch them on platforms like movierulz2 com easily. The entire list given below contains new releases and you can see them rocking on theater and OTT platforms also.
1. Ticket to Paradise
This is a romantic comedy which is going to launch in the theater by next week. It is based on the theme that couples got a chance to meet again. The couple separated a long way ago but they get a new opportunity because of their daughter. They were trying to help their daughter to not get fled away in emotions. The aim of the couple to meet again was to aware the daughter about remaining stoic towards emotions. This is a new concept that shows the importance of co-parenting above divorce. The release is definitely going to hit the screen with good revenue and there are high chances of turning blockbusters as well.
2. The women King
The women king is based on the chivalrous nature of women. It is very common that women to be depicted in very fragile roles in cinema. But this is not a cliché concept here as we can see the title is very dear for women. It is inspired by true fights that women-led in Africa but not totally based on them. The ultimate concept is oriented toward showing the strength of women on battlegrounds. Since this movie is something unconventional people are eager to watch it at the cinema on 5th October 2022. That is why we can say that it is going to become a blockbuster based on the appreciation it is getting worldwide.
3. Code Name Tiranga
The Code name Tiranga is a Bollywood movie based on the life of a spy who is on a mission. You will see a female spy on a mission who is doing her duties in the best way. She is on a mission assigned by RAW which is an intelligence wing of the country. It depicts the difficulties and challenges on the way of this spy who manages to overcome them very interestingly and competently. This is again going to turn into a blockbuster as people are very faithful to watch patriotic content.
This is definitely a blockbuster of the year as the cast includes veteran actor Amitabh Bachhan in a lead role. This is a comedy that you will enjoy watching with your family. The popular cast also includes Sunil Grover who is the king of the comedy.
5. Woh 3 Din
Who 3 din is a new release which is going to hit the cinema on 30th of September this year. It is based on a family man who is doing hard work to meet his family’s needs. There is nothing new in the plot apart from the trials and tribulations of the main character in managing their livelihood. These types of concepts are rare to see in cinema these days and people are longing for them. This is the reason we can expect to turn it into a blockbuster.
So, go watch these 5 top movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood. This list is getting huge appreciation from the masses even before its release. Based on this hooting and appreciation we can say that the aforesaid list is going to nail it to become the biggest blockbuster of the time. You can choose a platform according to your choice to watch them. These releases will be broadcasted on both OTT platforms and Theatres also.

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