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Best Limousine Service in Chicago


Globax Limousine is the highest evaluated chauffeur service and limousine in the Chicago region. We provide efficient and comfortable transport with knowledgeable drivers no matter if you’re going to or at the airport attending a corporate event, or even a close state. With a wide network of affiliates as well as an immediate response time our customers are always our first priority.

In Globax Limousine Services our employees and chauffeurs know the importance of providing excellent service during every ride. If your destination is 20 minutes away or 2 hours from home, Globax Limousine Services will ensure that you’re on time, in control and having a great time on your journey. Hire our experts for your next business or leisure trip, and we’ll ensure that you not need another transportation service for your next trip.

Corporate Transportation

If your company frequently has guests as well as employees that travel between and to Chicago you should consider opening corporate accounts. Corporate accounts can offer discounts based on how much that a person or business spends per month with a with a tiered system. The more you make reservations, the greater discount! As with all reservations made online rates, they are all inclusive of taxes, gratuities and other fees. Non-corporate accounts are also offered for those who travel to Chicago.

Discover Our Transportation Services

We also provide the following services to Chicago:

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  • Airport Transportation: We offer luxurious transportation services between and to the two major airports, O’Hare International and Midway beginning at $65. Our vehicles include the following: a Town Car, Luxury SUV along with a Stretch Limo.
  • Point-to-Point Services The Point to Point Service can transport you from and to the places you prefer including downtown as well as the suburbs.
  • Interstate Service: Our Interstate Service will transport you from and to Wisconsin, Indiana, or Michigan.

Customers are our biggest resource for our company. Every person on our team is aware that we’re not giving our customers a favor in providing them with a service. they are merely doing us a favor by giving us the chance to offer it.

Testimonials of our clients say it the Best

Friendly and helpful drivers who provide quick service keeps our customers returning time and time. Our speedy response, combined with our long-standing standing has us ranked first among our customers. Our customer service is the top goal for us at Globax Limousine.


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