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Casual Shirts in Men Wardrobe


Mandarin collar shirts are ready to look for every season. If you want an alternative to your standard attire, what can be way more perfect than this? This shirt type adds an elemental class to your look. Despite being from the back centuries, the mandarin collar shirt is still the preferred look for the urban and new-age generation. You can leave it untucked and pair it with denim jeans of your colour choice.

Men Denim Shirt

You will find the denim shirt in the wardrobe of every youngster and teenager. The trend of denim is always hitting the top. You will easily get different denim shades with both half-sleeve and full-sleeve choices. It has become a real fashion statement. Denim shirts are having a real fashion moment. The fact is it was never out of fashion because it has always been beyond the trend choice. It can be paired with different shades of denim jeans. Moreover, it is also the best option to go for layering or wear it like a jacket over a t-shirt.

Fancy Partywear Shirts

Fancy partywear shirts are simply printed shirts. It is a must-have collection in the wardrobe because, for parties, it can be the ultimate choice. You will find a variety of prints available such as flower dotted, block prints, geometric, abstract, animal prints and many more. There is a vast option for printed category shirts. 

It looks fabulous when you buy the regular fit type with a curved hem and perfect patterns. Printed casual shirts for men give an amazing fancy and classic look to men. When you want to tuck it, you can carry casual pants, but if you want to leave it untucked, then go for chinos or relaxed-fit pants.

Dress Shirt For Men

Dress shirts for men are considered formal fashion statements. It is specifically worn at events and occasional parties. It is usually made of cotton. It has double cuffs instead of a starched barrel cuff. You can fold the sleeve on purpose. These shirt types will have fancier collars such as wing, cutaway, and pointed collars. You can pair it with a tie and formal belts, keeping it tucked. The white and black dress shirts are mostly found in the wardrobe, which is essential for wedding parties, receptions and formal occasions.


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The overshirts are new in the trend, especially for winter parties; they will go great. Overshirts are a bit longer than regular shirts. It is deliberately worn on a T-shirt. It is made of different fabric types, like a thick cotton blend or wool weave blend. It is preferred to wear unbuttoned and retain the body with a classic structure. This gives a casual look, which can pair with relaxed pants. This Christmas season, you can style it and get a chill-out look for winter parties. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are made of cotton and polyester blends. These casual shirts for men come with a stand-up collar. It gives a better look with an unbuttoned collar. It comes in between the formal and informal shirt types. It gives a great sporty look.

Moreover, it is also known as a gentleman’s casual collection. Hence, you can find it in most men’s wardrobes. Polo shirts are full-sleeved and can be folded to give a modern look. Two things to remember while styling your polo shirts are never button on the top and don’t collar up.

Wrapping It Up

The men’s shirt types come with great variations. When you know the right style for your body, you can carry any of them. With endless must-have options out there, you can decide which shirt types should be in your wardrobe and ensure that you cover all stylish options.


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