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Country Wedding Photo Booth Props for Sale


Gone are the days when the entire concept of weddings Photo Booth revolved around a traditional daytime exchange of vows followed by an extravagant reception at night. Present-day couples prefer to plan their weddings at non-traditional venues with exciting and unique themes no one has experienced earlier.

Country weddings have particularly gained a lot of momentum in recent years, thanks to their unusual yet oh-so-eccentric appeal and rustic vibes. Exotic outside venues adorned beautifully with wooden flasks and rustic florals, bride and groom dressed elegantly according to the decided theme of their event, and an exclusive booth with complimenting rustic country-themed photo booth props are all that make a basic country wedding into an ultimate affair.

Today, we’ll briefly examine some photo booth ideas you can follow for your rustic country wedding. Not only this, but we will also suggest some rustic photo booth props for sale, which will add more depth to your Country wedding decor.
What Does a Country Wedding Mean?
As its name indicates, a country wedding is a celebration that usually takes place in a countryside location. You can opt for an outdoor setup (highly recommended) or an indoor celebration arranged inside a country home or a club.

Wedding planners prefer rustic wedding essentials and decoratives over conventional wedding elements. For example, one can opt for hay bales instead of expensive sofas and chairs. Similarly, you can easily replace sophisticated crockery with nature-inspired serving utensils.

Unlike traditional western weddings, a countryside setup demands more planning and budget. This is because there are many things you can’t buy or get from a regular party planner or supplier.
Why Should You Opt for a Country Wedding?
Country weddings are beautiful. Imagine spending your big day surrounded by nature and lush greenery, which will serve as a perfect backdrop for your photo booth. Guests can indulge in the immediate environment with refreshing drinks and exquisite food you have arranged. Some other perks of arranging a rustic country wedding may include the following:

Enough Parking

While it may seem insignificant at the time of choosing a wedding venue, not having to navigate crowded parking areas can be a sigh of relief for your valued guests. Unlike urban weddings, country weddings offer plenty of secure parking that you and your loved ones can benefit from on your big day.

An Ultimate Dining Experience

With a range of locally-grown produce, countryside weddings excel at offering an ultimate farm-to-table fare experience. You can even opt for a fusion between locally-inspired delicacies and modern international food. The choices are endless…

Opportunity to Explore the Region

You can retreat together for multiple days pre/post your wedding by arranging a countryside wedding. This also allows you and your partner to spend a lot of time together on wedding weekends – which isn’t possible when you choose a traditional urban wedding.

Provides a Child-Friendly/Pet-Friendly Location

Looking for a wedding setup that seamlessly accommodates your furbaby and child cousins? A country wedding can be your best bet. Because a country wedding setup is expansive and luxurious, your pets and child guests can have fun doing their favorite activities at the venue.

Historical Connection

Another unique benefit of attending a country wedding is it enables you to experience authentic ties and historical connections to the local land.

Excellent Photo Opportunities

Our favorite one!

If you’re one of those, who love to click every precious moment of their life, a country wedding is for you. A nature-inspired location with many scenic backdrops allows you and your guests to capture some of the best moments of your life.

Taking a photographer along is definitely an option, but this will restrict you from being creative. So we’d recommend arranging a photo booth for your big day. This will give your guests a dedicated space to click photos with their favorite people in whatever way they like.

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Which Photo Booth Setups Are Best for Your Country Wedding
Now the real question…

Which type of photo booth should you choose for your countryside wedding?

Well, it depends.

An open-air photo booth should be on top of your list as it accommodates bigger groups while consuming very less space. Also, it is cheaper to set up an open-air booth than classic or revolving booth options.

One of the biggest advantages of having rustic wedding decor is that it allows you to click breathtaking photos without investing in any kind of booth. All you need are theme-specific photo booth props for sale, and you’re all set to click your best moments without any unnecessary expense.

The next section highlights some of the trendiest rustic photo booth props ideas you can choose for your rustic wedding without giving them a second thought.
Rustic Photo Booth Props for Sale
Floral and Lace Rustic Photo Booth Props

Country blooms and rustic weddings go hand in hand. Prepare a few rustic floral bouquets and let your guests pose with them in style. You can also opt for lace-adorned hats, ties, wine glasses, and more.

Funny Signs

Your photo booth set-up will be incomplete without stick signs topped with funny printed texts. These should include labels defining your friend’s or loved one’s personality. You can also create a wedding hashtag that includes sayings like “In Cahoots,” “Giddy Up,” “Howdy Pardner,” and more.

Wooden Tools

Your guests will love posing with old-fashioned country tools like washboards, tubs, etc. Simply hang a laced towel as a backdrop, and you’re all set to click some amazing photos brimmed with rustic and countryside vibes.

Beer Mugs and Toy Guns

What comes to your mind when we say country weddings? If you answered beer mugs and guns, you’re not alone. You can try blue or black tin cups if you’re having a dry country wedding.

Bow Ties and Cowboy Hats

You can’t plan a country wedding without bow ties, cowboy hats, and horses. Prepare them as props on sticks so your guests can pretend they’re riding through tall white fields.

You can follow these ideas to plan and prepare a perfect country wedding. Want to add a few more options to this list? You can do so by dropping a comment below. We’d love to hear back!


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