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Can I take the Duolingo English Test for free? Fees and Everything You Need to Know


Free Duolingo English test is a myth. The Duolingo English test is an affordable exam but not a test that can be taken for free.
If you want to study in the USA after 12th, can take the Duolingo test. The Duolingo examination is a convenient English language certification test that is accepted in almost every renowned institutions across the globe. It is an online English exam that candidates can take from the comfort of their homes on their personal laptops or computers. Candidates who are interested in proving their English proficiency can take the Duolingo English test anywhere, anytime. Like every other conventional English proficiency examinations, the Duolingo English test is another test that examines the students’ English proficiency.
The Duolingo English test examines the four skills of students namely reading, listening, writing and speaking in English. Also, the test is adaptive in nature. This means that with every correct answer the difficulty level of the test increases and the next question is more difficult to answer that the previous one. Moreover, the test taker has to complete the test within an hour. However, since there are only a few questions, the test is not that difficult for the test taker to complete within the allotted time.
Why should you take the Duolingo English test?
There are three major reasons that make the Duolingo English test a feasible option for students to prove their English proficiency. These reasons are:
Affordable: You can receive your test and score for only $49 (or INR 3678) while a majority of other certification test costs over $200.
Fast: The applicants can receive their results within the next 48 hours of completing the test. Students can also share the results immediately with anyone.
Convenient: Since the Duolingo English test is an online test, you can take the test from anywhere, anytime.
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How can you take the Duolingo English test?
You can take the test at your own convenience which is a great thing. So, you need not travel to even the nearest test centre for attempting the test.
However, as you will be taking the test online, you will have to abide by some of the most stringent rules. The examiners will make sure that you take the test without any kind of help from your parents or friends. So, you need to be alone in a room and have your laptop or computer’s camera on. Also, you will not be allowed to navigate the browser while taking the test. Apart from this, there are some rules that candidates will be required to follow.
Highlights of taking the Duolingo English test
You will only have one hour to complete the test and will receive your results within the next two days and share it with anyone immediately.
The Duolingo test is not for free and you will have to pay $49 or (INR 3678) to take the test and receive the result.
You must have the necessary equipment, set up, and documents to register for the test. A passport or driving license or any other government document will work for the documents.
How to prepare for the Duolingo English test?
You need to prepare yourself for the Duolingo English test. You should work on enhancing all the aspects of reading to speaking and listening in English. A good way to do that is listening to English podcasts and reading articles from top newspapers and magazines and also practice by conversing with someone who is a native English speaker.
Additionally, you can take sample tests to get familiar with the question types as you will get in the real test. You can also take the sample test on the website of Duolingo for free. This test can be taken for as many times as the candidate wants to.
Duolingo test score
The Duolingo English test is a computer-based exam that is designed to examine the actual proficiency of English of test takers. The proficiency of the test taker is measured as a holistic score on the scale of 10-160. Once the exam in over and the candidate receives a score of 10-160, you can apply for receiving the score sheet. Usually, top programs asks for a score of more than 120.
In conclusion,
So, now you have a clear idea of every convenience that you can enjoy with taking the Duolingo English test. You have also learned that the examination cannot be taken for free. You will have to pay an amount to take the test and receive the results. You can get assistance from the study abroad consultants in Delhi to learn more about the test.


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