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How Australian Businesses Are Using SMS Services To Boost Productivity?


According to current estimates, 5 billion people have access to sending and receiving SMS for communication. In Australia, SMS marketing has a significant impact when it comes to standing out in the crowded field of digital marketing.

Why is SMS marketing not a part of your overall strategy if you operate a business in Australia?

The fact that almost every Australian carries a communication device in their pocket strengthens the SMS marketing industry.

Let’s discuss SMS marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Gateway is a technique used to communicate with customers and share information about your business. It is a digital strategy that sends out text messages to customers with promotional and advertising messages. Despite being more effective than email marketing, SMS marketing is a channel similar to email marketing. It enables businesses to reach clients’ mobile devices with their marketing messages. You can reach more people, in more locations, at any time of the day by maximising the effectiveness of your SMS marketing strategy. Regardless of how busy they are at work, your target audience will undoubtedly check their phone.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

  1. It is a direct and to-the-point channel.
  2. 89.9% of Australians have a mobile phone.
  3. You can send SMS in bulk
  4. Also, you can learn more about your customer.
  5. Customer engagement increases
  6. High ROI.
  7. It provides excellent open rates (98% open rates).
  8. Affordable.

The following are some SMS marketing statistics for 2022:

  • In Australia, 60% of adults used their mobile phones as their only form of communication in 2021.
  • Over 70% of Australians between the ages of 18 and 44 don’t have a fixed-line phone at home, so they primarily rely on mobile phones for communication.
  • In Australia, 94% of SMS messages are opened and 78% are read. They only have a 34% email open rate, for comparison.
  • The source estimates that Australia has 32.89 million mobile connections or 130% of the country’s total population.
  • In Australia, 96% of people send messages using their mobile phones for communication.

Setting up a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Your SMS marketing campaign’s objective is to:

Your SMS marketing campaign needs a quantifiable goal to direct your efforts, just like any other SMS marketing campaign strategy. For instance, you might want to achieve a 50% to 60% click-through rate for redeeming coupons.

Create a target persona to represent your target audience.

Now that you have a target audience in mind for your SMS marketing campaign, think about how best to reach them. To assist you and your team in understanding the type of person you are talking to through SMS, create a target persona.

Is SMS marketing the best channel for you to reach your target audience and goal?

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Although SMS marketing is a powerful tool, if your customers don’t like getting their messages via SMS, you run the risk of having a high unsubscription rate. Some people might feel their privacy has been violated by receiving promotional materials over the phone. More likely when your SMS is timely and has valuable content, which will improve how your audience perceives your SMS. While an email campaign for promotional materials only performs better. The best way to send any important information is via SMS. similar to a limited-time offer with expiration dates and information about last-minute event changes.

Bulk SMS marketing platform Implementation

You won’t send messages to hundreds of people one at a time because your thumb will get sore from doing so. Therefore, send your SMS to as many recipients as you want quickly and easily by using a bulk SMS marketing platform. Always plan your SMS’s content and make sure it complies with all applicable laws.

Why SMS Marketing is Relevant Now and in The Future

High Customer Engagement Rates

Due to its high engagement rates, SMS marketing in Australia outperforms most other channels, even though others like email and social media are essential for marketing. When it comes to SMS marketing engagement statistics like open and response rates, they are left behind. The open rate for SMS messages is 98%, and 90% of marketing campaigns get a direct response. The majority of conventional marketers are undoubtedly aiming for that engagement rate.

More people trust SMS than any other form of communication.

Because only 10% of SMS campaigns are deemed SPAM, the majority of people believe that SMS is a reliable form of communication. In contrast to email, which only raised red flags in about 50% of campaigns. According to the survey, 9 out of 10 people prefer SMS to other marketing channels for receiving branded messages.

The SMS Channel’s Potential Reach

There are currently 7 billion SMS communication subscriptions worldwide. There is only one subscription needed for everyone. With a potential audience of, well, everyone, you would be foolish to ignore SMS marketing as a component of your overall marketing plan.

People Make More Purchases on Their Mobile Phones

The majority of people shop online and conduct product searches on their smartphones. Over a trillion dollars are spent on mobile phone purchases each day by people worldwide. When making a decision, customers are more likely to buy from your company when they use their phones. You could make use of a crucial channel to improve decision-making while moving around. When searching on their smartphone as opposed to other devices, mobile users increased their intention to make a purchase. Additionally, 92% of people who conduct a mobile product search will decide to buy the item.

Most people use SMS software for business, regardless of whether they are customers or brand representatives. This may help to explain why 71% of marketers say SMS is the foundation of their strategy. Using their mobile device to research a brand and make a purchase, people can communicate via SMS.



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