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How to Keep Your Electric Scooter Running Like New


Quick electric scooters are becoming more and more popular in India, and you can’t walk down the street without seeing them whizzing around. Unfortunately, they’re also prone to malfunctions and breakdowns that leave riders stranded. Don’t let this be you! With these simple maintenance tips, you’ll be able to keep your electric scooter running like new and ensure you always have an affordable way to get around town at your disposal.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Battery
It’s important to keep your battery as clean as possible because dirt and grime can cause the connections inside the battery to corrode and break. The best way to clean your battery is by using a damp, lint-free cloth. You can use a mild soap or rubbing alcohol if you need more cleaning power.

It’s also important to make sure the terminals are covered when not in use. This will prevent corrosion from forming on the terminals and keep them from making contact with anything they shouldn’t be touching while stored away.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Checklist
1. Check the tire pressure and condition of tires
2. Clean your electric scooter
3. Perform a basic check over, such as checking the brakes, steering, and lights
4. Inspect the battery and charging system for issues, including corrosion on the terminals or cables
5. Check that all screws are tight and secure
6. Replace any worn parts or damaged cables with high-quality replacements from your local bike shop
7. Carry out regular maintenance tasks at least once a week

Tips Before Recharging
-Before your electric scooter has been out for an hour, charge it for 15 minutes to ensure that the batteries have a full charge. If you wait any longer, you risk losing those precious minutes from running a high-speed electric scooters in delhi. -If your battery is running below a 50% charge, then start off by driving at lower speeds until it reaches 80% capacity. High speed electric scooters in delhi can easily be pushed up to 25 miles on a single charge when driven at lower speeds. Once you have hit the 80% threshold and continue, gradually increase your speed and stay aware of how much energy you are using in order to avoid low battery usage.

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Charging and Storage
When it is time to charge your scooter, make sure you are using the charger provided by the manufacturer. If you don’t have a charger, plug it into an outlet for 8-12 hours. The battery should be fully charged within 12 hours of being plugged in. If there are any lights that come on while charging, this means that the battery needs more time to charge. It’s also important that you do not store your electric scooter in extremely hot or cold areas, as extreme temperatures can cause harm and affect performance.

Troubleshooting Common Issues
If your scooter has stopped charging, it might be a problem with the battery or the charger. A loose connection could also be the culprit. To fix this, you’ll need to make sure everything is securely plugged in and then try charging it again. Another common issue is with the throttle not moving smoothly when you’re riding it. If this is happening, you should check to make sure that nothing is caught in the throttle and if there’s no obstruction, you may want to replace the throttle cable.


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