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How to make harina de almendra?


We all are aware by now all purpose flour is not good for our health. Presently there are several alternatives to all purpose flour and one of them is saborati..

What exactly is harina de almendra?

Almond flour or harina de almendra is essentially blanched almonds that have been finely mashed in a food processor or blender.

What distinguishes almond flour from almond meal?

Almond meal and flour differ from one another on two different levels. Its texture is the first one. In comparison to almond meal, almond flour has a coarser grind. Almond flour is prepared from blanched (skins removed) almonds, whilst almond meal is made from grinding almonds with the skin on.

What is Harina de almendra composed of?

Almonds are the sole ingredient used to make almond flour (or almond meal). Almond flour is created from almonds, though the varieties may vary depending on how they are chopped and shaped.

Creating Almond Flour

There are two factors to take into account while creating your own almond flour:

  • Which kind of almonds to use
  • What kind of tools to utilise

Almond varieties to use for homemade almond flour

Almonds exist in a variety of varieties and shapes, as you are fully aware. Just a few examples include raw, unsalted, roasted, salted, seasoned, slivered, sliced, and blanched.

The best results when preparing almond flour come from using 3 almonds:

  • Raw Unsalted Almonds with the Skin on: These are raw almonds that haven’t been shelled, processed, or packaged. To make almond meal at home, these are perfect.
  • Almonds that have had their skins removed and are raw are known as blanched almonds.

Almonds can be blanched at home or bought already blanched from the shop. Due to the labor-intensive process of peeling each almond, blanched almonds are slightly more expensive.

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So what exactly is blanched almond flour?

Almond flour made from blanched almonds is typically referred to as Blanched Almond Flour or simply Almond Flour. Just by glancing at its colour, you can distinguish between almond meal and almond flour with ease.

It has been blanched if it is white. Almond flour can be identified by the presence of brown bits (from the almond skin).

  • Slivered Almonds: Slivered almonds are typically blanched almonds that have been thinly sliced along their width. They resemble blanched almonds quite closely.

Almond flour preparation in a food processor

Three components are required to prepare almond flour in a food processor:

  • Almonds that are raw, blanched, or sliced
  • Blade attachment for a food processor (it is also called sabatier blade)
  • Spatula made of silicone

The procedure is easy: A cup of almonds should be placed in the bowl of a food processor with the blade attachment and pulsed 50–60 times in increments of one second to make almond flour. The most crucial step in this procedure is to pause and scrape the sides of the processor bowl once every 10 seconds to ensure that the almonds are ground evenly and that the flour does not transform into almond butter.

How to Keep Almond Meal or Flour Fresh

It might be a good idea to grind your own almond flour and store it for later use if you frequently use almond flour or almond meal in your cooking and baking. Depending on how soon you intend to use the almond flour or meal, there are different ways to preserve it.

Therefore, put it in an airtight jar, seal it up, and store it in the pantry, preferably in a dark spot, if you intend to use it within a week or two. If you intend to use it more than a week or two from now, store it in your freezer in an airtight container with a tight lid.

Thus you can see making harina de almendra is a pretty simple process and anyone can make it without much of help.


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