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How to Start an Online Coaching Business with WordPress

An online coaching business offers excellent flexibility, unlike a regular job. You can schedule as many classes as you want for a day.


If you are a person who loves sharing knowledge with others, then the coaching business would most likely suit you. Coaching businesses transitioning to online coaching are common these days. Technology advancements and the convenience of studying from anywhere have fueled the transition. The covid induced pandemic also has fueled the shift. Furthermore, that also makes coaching much more accessible to everyone. In online coaching, you are not physically present with the students. In 2022, the online coaching industry accounts for 1.34 billion USD. An online coaching business offers excellent flexibility, unlike a regular job. You can schedule as many classes as you want for a day.

WordPress is so popular because it gives a platform to any website that you want to create. Furthermore, WordPress enjoys a significant market share as a content management system. WordPress permits the creation of a user-friendly and engaging website. Moreover, the effortless management of the website.

With WordPress, you can effortlessly update the blog, newsletter subscription, page designs and contact forms. If you plan to establish an online coaching business, you can use it as a base to build the business and accomplish your business goals. Furthermore, if you have installed WordPress, you can add as many add-ons as you want to create the website for the online coaching business.

Installing WordPress is a straightforward process. You can download the software online and go on to install the software. Moreover, some of the hosting service providers seem to be one-click installations.

Now let us look at how WordPress can contribute positively toward establishing your online coaching business.

1. Create a website for the business

Like any other business, you must create a website for the online coaching business. You need not worry if you lack a website. That is because WordPress is super easy to work with. While designing the website, you would want to choose a theme. Fortunately, WordPress offers numerous themes for you to choose from. You can choose a theme for the website, and from there, you can further beautify the website.

Once you complete creating the website, you can use an appointment scheduling software to schedule classes. Picktime is an intuitive appointment scheduling software that you can use for the online coaching business. The potential students can effortlessly schedule and join the course according to their convenience. The software avoids any potential conflicts that would arise and improve transparency. You can send automated reminders to the students, so they will not be late for the class.

Furthermore, the software also offers a 24/7 booking page to ease the booking process and to improve customer experience, and you can link it on the website. You can also connect payment gateways to receive the fee from the students. In short, with Picktime, you can run the online coaching business effortlessly.

2. Member Press

Member press assists you create a secure space where you can safely interact with your students. Furthermore, you can also restrict access to the students alone, and you can share the materials with the students as well. You can limit access in many ways possible.

Furthermore, you can create a learning management system in WordPress, where you can interact with the student securely and exchange materials.

Meanwhile, you have to decide how much you will charge your student per secession. For instance, you can charge your students depending on how many sessions you offer them. Besides, the study materials that you give the students to study.

For instance, you can devise an online coaching package that gives the students access to the materials and one-on-one sessions a month. If you do not want to offer a monthly plan, you can provide individual secession to the students.

Member Press permits you to customize as many membership plans as you want to offer to potential students and receive payments. In the membership option section, you create and give a personalized membership plan to sign up for. Once you complete that, you can go back and further customize the options as you want.

You may offer the students as many coaching sessions as you want, but you may have to create individual memberships for each secession.

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3. Improve coordination with the students

You can offer any coaching session to potential students and freely provide the membership plans accordingly. On WordPress, the membership press, you can monitor the class based on your devised subscription plan. You can even restrict access based on the coaching program the student has selected.

In other words, the membership press assists you in controlling who has access to the coaching class. Furthermore, you can also restrict access to the materials on the website. As a result, you can protect the proprietary content. That way, your online coaching business stays protected and secure.

Other popular options for online coaching businesses include online chat rooms, member-only forums and video call consultations.

4. Giving complementary materials to the students

There are endless possibilities for giving complementary materials to the students depending on the subscription plan. That way, you can quickly differentiate between the coaching classes and add more value to the subscription plans you offer students. You can consider, for instance;

  • Downloading materials such as checklists, further readings and so on.
  • Access to video content
  • Additional readings of the course
  • Special secessions with a subject matter expert

The sky’s the limit to what you can do with your online coaching business.

5. Customization according to your business

The possibilities with customization on WordPress are endless. WordPress allows users to create a website with access to many themes. You can select the theme that you want for the coaching business. You can avoid making a website from scratch and save time. As you can edit the themes as you wish.

Furthermore, you can use as many add-ons on the website. As a result, you can add as many functions as you want to the website. That way, you can make the website much more efficient to cater to your online coaching business. That would, in turn, assist in running your online coaching business smoothly and efficiently.

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