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How to increase Twitter engagement 2023


It just got easier to reach your target audience on Twitter; it is fast becoming the most effective social media platform for brands to reach their audience. It currently has more than 400 million users, making Twitter one of the most widely used platforms. 

Twitter provides a great avenue to reach your target audience. Twitter is a social media platform, so many users visit it daily and know the daily updates.

You can also talk with your target customers and strengthen your marketing with them here. If you want to be successful on Twitter, you have to increase its engagement rate because this is the biggest key for your followers. 

How to increase Twitter engagement, you will read everything in this article. 

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Read below those four ways by which you can increase Twitter engagement. “READ NOW”

Does engagement rate matter on Twitter?

Think of Twitter as a metric that measures how often a user interacts with your tweet or post, including likes, retweets, replies, and mentions. If you want to figure out the engagement rate, 

divide it by the number of followers you have and interact with your posts and tweets to develop your Twitter engagement rate.

When your users are most active on Twitter, your posts will be more likely to be exposed to other users with similar interests. 

It will also increase the number of your tweets and likes and increase engagement on Twitter. If you want to increase your engagement rate, the most effective and unique content is on Twitter. It will help a lot in increasing your engagement rate.

1. Post visual content with your Twitter followers

Regarding engagement, posting your visual content will definitely come to the fore. Posting visual content is very important to increase the engagement rate. 

You have to add visual content with your retweet, which can be a video or image. Your tweets are more likely to get more retweets when you post visual content than when your tweets get no engagement.

If you want to increase the engagement rate, you need to pay more attention to visual content. It also needs to post your infographics. Now, when you tweet on a topic, make sure your tweets have visual content. I

t is the best of all these ways to increase Twitter engagement. Whatever you post, ensure that what is being posted can drive a real engagement rate.

2. Employ hashtags strategically

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Twitter hashtags can be a great way to increase your engagement rate. Be sure to use relevancy with hashtags. Find trending hashtags related to your topic and upload them by tweeting or adding them to your post. It is very important to have a strategy with hashtags as well. Below I have posted some strategies for you.

  • Find trending hashtags that match your target audience.
  • Use popular and niche hashtags to reach more users.
  • Use up to two hashtags in one tweet.
  • Use Hashtags Strategically
  • Make sure to use relevancy inside your hashtags


3. learn to post the exact time

Upload your post in good time only. And the best time for you is 8-10 in the morning and 6-9 in the evening. And if you post from 7 to 9 in the morning, it reaches its peak. 

It is the most accurate time to increase your engagement rate by uploading posts. Twitter Engagement Post Ideas Brainstorm post ideas that can boost your engagement.

If you are uploading any post related to news, you can post it on a working day; this will be the best time for it. And if you are thinking of uploading a normal post, you can post it within a week. This method can help you increase engagement on Twitter.

4. Ask Questions and Encourage Conversation

Twitter can be the best way to promote your business. Here you ask your users questions about your business and answer their questions; this method will help you strengthen your bonding with other users. The best way to increase user engagement is to start with a question.

You can also create questions to ask users by reading tweets and retweets. It helps you to increase engagement on Twitter.


Increasing engagement on Twitter is not that easy; it requires a strategy because every user will not like your post; they will only scroll down to see it. Due to this, your engagement rate will start to decline further. So whenever you post, upload the post with strategy.

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