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Latin America Bicycles Market Share, Price, Size 2023-2028

Sturdy Growth Projections In Latin America Bicycles Market Owing To Rising Awareness For Climate Change And Healthy Lifestyle During 2023-2028


El informe del estudio de mercado de Informes de Expertos titulado, ‘El Mercado de Bicicletas en America Latina, Informe y Pronóstico 2023-2028′, ofrece una visión estructurada del mercado, examinando sus diversos segmentos y variables clave como producto, precio, tecnología, uso final y las regiones. La investigación recoge un sólido pronóstico de la presencia de factores clave de éxito y limitaciones, sigue a los proveedores bien establecidos y las últimas tendencias de la industria que impactan en el objetivo de crecimiento del mercado global. También evalúa la dinámica del mercado y la relación entre la demanda de los consumidores y el precio del producto, junto con la auditoría de los modelos FODA y de las cinco fuerzas de Porter.

The market study report by Informes de Expertos titled, ‘Latin America Bicycle Market 2023-2028’ , gives structured insights into the market, examining its diverse segments and key variables such as product, price, technology, end uses, and key regions. The research gathers robust forecasting of the presence of key success factors and constraints, tracks well-established vendors, and the latest trends in the industry that impact the growth goal of the overall market. It also assesses the market dynamics, and the relationship between consumer demand and product price, coupled with the audit of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces models.

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Los aspectos más destacados del informe incluyen:

Visión general del mercado (2018-2028)

• CAGR para el período de pronóstico (2023-2028): 4,7%

Se prevé que el mercado latinoamericano de bicicletas crezca a una tasa anual media sustancial entre 2023 y 2028, impulsado por el aumento de la urbanización. Además, el mercado objetivo alcanzó un valor de 5.600 millones de dólares en 2021 debido a la creciente popularidad y demanda de bicicletas deportivas. La creciente demanda de bicicletas en América Latina para frenar la contaminación y los impactos del cambio climático está impulsando a los principales actores de la industria a superar el desarrollo de bicicletas y accesorios innovadores para obtener mejores y mayores ingresos.

Más aún, el aumento de la concienciación sobre la importancia de mantenerse en forma, con el apoyo de los gobiernos regionales, especialmente para la participación de las mujeres, está impulsando el crecimiento del mercado objetivo durante el periodo proyectado. En adición, la creciente popularidad y las demandas personalizadas de los consumidores para adquirir bicicletas eléctricas están ganando impulso y se espera que se conviertan en el transporte habitual para desplazarse.

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Industry Definition and Major Segments

Bicycles are vehicles used for transportation and consist of two wheels, pedals, and steering with handlebars. This bike or cycle is human-powered or assisted by pedalling, or a motor. It has a small single seat to sit on and comprises a metal frame that supports the functioning of the bicycle.

On the basis of product, the industry is divided into:

• Mountain Bicycles
• Hybrid Bicycles
• Road Bicycles
• Others

By price, the market is segmented into:

• Premium
• Mid-Range
• Low Range

Based on technology, the industry is bifurcated into:

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• Electric
• Conventional

By end uses, the industry is segmented into:

• Men
• Women
• Kids

Key regions covered include:

• Brazil
• Argentina
• Mexico
• Others

Market Trends

Bicycles are becoming progressively popular as a practical method of exercise to ensure a long and healthy life, thus this lifestyle habit is being adopted by Latin American population. The augmentation of the market share of bicycles in Latin America is anticipated at a robust pace with the ongoing environmental challenges which need to be curbed by using low-emission vehicles like bicycles. In addition, the increasing traffic congestion is one of the most significant factors influencing the expansion of the bicycle market in Latin America.

Further, the target industry is propelling with the large-scale investment of the government to avoid endless hours wasted in traffic and fewer pollution emissions to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, bicycles are affordable, eco-friendly, and help with mobility issues in large and smart cities in developed economies. Therefore, this market is gaining traction due to the aforementioned factors and collaborative efforts of regional governments and existing companies to overcome the environmental challenges and tap the unforeseen opportunities in the Latin American region.

Key Market Players

The major players in the market are:

• Accell Group
• Caloi
• Dorel Industries Inc.
• Specialized Bicycle Components
• Trek Bicycle Corporation
• Santa Cruz Bicycles, LLC
• Others

This report covers their profiles and provides information on expansions, investments and mergers and acquisitions, among other latest industry developments.

About Us:

Informes de Expertos, the Spanish variant of Expert Market Research, is a platform that offers market research and consultancy services to a broad clientele base across Spanish speaking countries. With our primary focus on the Latin America and Spain markets, our research experts provide relevant and actionable insights into the markets and track major trends, economic developments, and global trade data.

Determined to bring client satisfaction, we make sure that our tailored approach meets the client’s unique market intelligence requirements. Our syndicated and customized research reports cover a wide spectrum of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and food and beverage to packaging, logistics, and transportation.

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