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Micro-ATM: Know the Benefits


Since the introduction of demonetization and the Aadhar-Enabled Payments System (AEPS), micro ATMs have been suggested as a potential solution to cash shortages or withdrawal issues that have shown up in India as a result of these two developments. Over one million people in India with bank accounts linked to their Aadhaar cards will have the opportunity, thanks to the small ATM machine price, to get the cash they want from neighboring Kirana shops.

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It’s great. A new automated teller machine known as a micro-ATM has been developed. And how much of it do you comprehend on a deep level? Let’s discuss it today and see where the discussion leads us to find out more information.

Describe what exactly a micro-ATM is.

A conventional automated teller machine (ATM) has been shrunk to make room for a mini ATM. It operates in a manner that is similar to that of portable point-of-sale (POS) terminals and is intended for use in the dispensing of cash in remote locations. Because of its mobility, basic banking infrastructure may be expanded rapidly and at a low cost, allowing financial organizations to provide new services. Using a cum-mobile automated teller machine to do mobile banking transactions at your front door.

Customers of rural banks in India who have connected their bank accounts to Aadhaar may use biometric-enabled micro atm machines to withdraw cash. Micro-ATMs may also serve as ‘cash in, cash out (CICO) hubs, allowing consumers to deposit and withdraw up to Rs 10,000 using debit cards or Aadhaar identification. The client may use the bank’s services, such as depositing and withdrawing money, transferring cash, checking account balances, etc.

In comparison to conventional automated teller machines, what makes micro-ATMs special?
A customer does not need to engage in conversation with a human teller to use an ATM machine price to carry out any of the following transactions:
● Withdraw cash.
● Make a deposit.
● Transfer money between accounts.
● Check their account balance.
● Get other financial information.
Screen displays, keyboards, cash dispensers, and printers are often included in most automated teller machine configurations. Anyone with a debit or credit card and access to a typical ATM may use it whenever they want, day or night.

A cash machine that is lightweight and tiny is called a micro-ATM. Micro-ATMs are very similar to point-of-sale (POS) terminals, with the addition of a GPRS connection and the ability to access banking networks. These days, fingerprint or iris scanners are standard equipment in almost all mini-ATMs due to the need for biometric identification.

In addition, the micro atm machines don’t need to be permanently placed since a bank official or authorized agent (businessman or shopkeeper) may transport them anywhere they need them. The agent will distribute cash from the ATM, but there will be no fee for utilizing a Micro ATM.

What is the function of a miniature ATM?

Micro-ATMs are often utilized in semi-urban and rural locations and are managed by authorized agents known as business correspondents. Customers need to verify their identity using their Aadhaar card to withdraw funds. The steps in detail are as follows:

● A customer verification procedure must be completed. Scan his fingerprint or iris at the biometric-enabled smart POS terminal, and the results will be checked against his UIDAI profile.
● Once your identity has been confirmed, Micro ATM will provide you with a list of available alternatives.
● After making their selection, the smart POS machine will complete the sale.
● When a transaction is completed successfully, a notification is shown, and a receipt is issued.
● When a customer’s financial transaction is finished successfully, the bank will send them a text message to let them know.

The advantages of Micro ATM are as follows.

● Advocate for the advancement of financial inclusion, digital India, and the cashless society
● UIDAI-compliant biometric identity standards, high accuracy, biometrically enabled safe transactions
● The micro-ATMs available today are universal and compatible with any financial institution’s systems.
● Minimizing expenses by having less operating and maintenance costs than a standard ATM
● Citizens may access their accounts whenever it is most convenient for them, thanks to flexible access.
● minimal running costs
● It is lightweight, compact, and portable, making it ideal for use in India’s rural and semi-urban areas.

Which little ATM is the best option?

An ATM machine price is a self-contained, intelligent point-of-sale terminal designed to be moved from location to location and used to dispense cash. Because they use GPRS technology and fingerprint scanners, the most advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems are fully compatible with Aadhaar.

With 22 years of experience in the payments industry, the point-of-sale system has emerged as one of the most viable alternatives to the conventional automated teller machine. The Aadhar Enabled Payments System is compatible with it, and its biometric identification capabilities include face recognition, fingerprint readers, and iris readers (AEPS). To put the cherry on top of the cake, our teeny-tiny biometric ATM uses fingerprint and iris sensors approved by the STQC and is equipped with a data-retention function.


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