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Mistakes To Avoid While Academic Writing Copies


Writing is a difficult task making most students look for academic writing helpIt does, however, play a role in our lives, particularly when it takes the form of a required academic task.

We are all familiar with the fundamental guidelines for producing an essay, from the thesis statement to the captivating, enduring conclusion. Then why do students seek help from professional custom paper writing services? Is it really that easy, though?

Naturally, it isn’t. Because they doubt their abilities to recognise every aspect of the essay that must be addressed, many still feel uncomfortable displaying their work to others. The fact is that there isn’t a single template you can learn to use for all essay-writing issues. Even if you have hundreds and thousands of samples from academic writing service companies, then also writing them all by yourself is tough.

We made the decision to let you become your own essay editor for this reason. We are providing you with a carefully created list of the top and common academic writing errors and instructions on how to prevent them.

Make absolutely sure your topics and phrases match! Improper Subject/Verb Agreement

A plural pronoun should not follow a solitary subject; the opposite is also true. Examining your subjects and verbs outside of the phrase is the greatest approach to make sure that they agree, as is trying to ensure that your writing is constant and doesn’t change across your paper.

Don’t Use Sentence Fragments OR Long, Confusing Run-On Sentences

Your document may become unclear if there are too many run-ons, seemingly endless sentences. It is best to break a sentence into smaller, more manageable thoughts if you’ve been writing the same sentence for a while. To avoid dividing your ideas into too many bits and creating sentence fragments, you must exercise caution and ensure that each of your phrases is complete.

Avoid Using Commas Wrongly

Commas are helpful punctuation marks that can be utilised to direct your readers. The wrong use of commas—either too many or too few—can cause confusion and cause readers to misunderstand your material. Every time you write a comma, pause as you read your paper again. You must take another look at your commas if you are pausing either too frequently or insufficiently.

Avoid Using Pronouns Incorrectly Or In Excess

Overusing pronouns can confuse your readers since they cannot understand who you are referring to. Also, you should ensure that the pronoun you use corresponds to the word it replaces. Make sure you can clearly identify the subject of a pronoun by reading your sentences aloud.

Avoid Being Disorganised

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To help your reader navigate your outline and the structure of your document, always remember to include organising tools when creating your content. These include headings, subheadings, bullet points, numbering, and other formatting tools.

Don’t Use Dangling Modifiers

Make sure that it is obvious which word or phrase a modifier describes when using them in your sentences. If you reread your statement and aren’t sure what the subject of the modifier is, you should rephrase it so that your meaning is obvious.

Avoid Using Apostrophes in the Wrong Way

Make certain that you are accurately applying this punctuation mark. Apostrophes are used to denote possession and the contraction of a word. Generally, apostrophes are not used to make a word plural. Learn more about correct apostrophe usage.

Avoid Inconsistent Verb Tense

You should maintain consistency with the tenses of your verbs throughout your work. You can choose whether to write in the past or the present tense, but you must be consistent throughout your paper.


In conclusion, academic writing can be a challenging task for many students. This is why seeking professional help is a common solution. However, it is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all template for writing an essay, and students need to be aware of common writing errors to avoid them. By taking note of the guidelines provided and practicing careful writing. Students can improve their skills and become confident in their ability to produce clear and effective academic writing. Ultimately, with the right tools and guidance, anyone can become a skilled and successful paper writer.

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