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Motion Detectors: Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Surveillance System


NVR- Key Component of Surveillance System

In the recent era, security and vigilance are the prime concerns of every commercial, domestic, or government body. From small shops to large business hubs, security cameras find their extensive usage everywhere.

They track all activity in their vicinity and store every bit of information via an nvr. An nvr or network video recorder is a computer that records all of the information given by the camera on a hard disk, solid-state drive, or cloud storage. Being a key component of security, they complete a surveillance system. NVR systems work effectively both with wired and wireless cameras.

Wired Cameras

In a wired setup, the recorder is directly attached to a POE (Power Over Ethernet) cable that powers the camera and transmits footage. No power splitters and wall sockets are required in this system.

Wireless Cameras

In this setup, wireless cameras transmit all the information to the recorder through a Wi-fi connection hence, the information received by the hikvision nvr can be stored and viewed remotely.

 Components of an NVR Camera System

An nvr camera system comprises three components viz camera, NVR, and a network connection.


There are multiple types of cameras, for instance, analog cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, or IP cameras that are used in combination with the nvr. Generally, nvr work with in combination with IP cameras that are connected to the nvr through an ethernet cable serving a dual purpose; provides power to the camera and transmits data uninterruptedly.


An nvr is a primary component of a security system that contains hard drives, and cloud storage, and can be attached to usbs, for data storage.  It receives the information from the camera and conveys it to the recorder either via a wire or wirelessly. An nvr can be connected to either a single camera or thousands of cameras and it is efficient enough to receive and record the information from all the cameras simultaneously.

Network Connection

A network connection acts as a bridge to help pass information from the camera to the nvr for recording. It can be a wired or a wireless connection.

Significant Features of Nvr Benefitting Your Business

Nvr surveillance system seems to be n utmost need of businesses benefitting them in many ways:

hikvision nvr

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High-quality Resolution

Providing superior video quality is one of the key features of an nvr system. It typically offers video quality within the range of 2MP to a maximum of 16MP with a 30fps frame rate. It is efficient enough to capture the number of license plates and even the facial details of a person.

Storage Flexibility

As nvr systems are connected to cloud storage so they provide you with maximum space to store data. Elsewise you run short of space, you can benefit from an SD card. Additionally, nvr systems have several Ethernet ports so they can be connected to multiple cameras to broaden the scope of your surveillance.

Remote Viewing

Being an excellent surveillance system and connected to the cloud, these systems allow you to view and manage recorded information remotely using a mobile or a computer.

Audio-Video Recording

The ethernet cable present in the system circuit also transmits audio signals along with the video. Hence, you can record audio of a person invading your property.

Customized Transmission Distance

The maximum transmission distance for the ethernet cable to convey information to the nvr from the camera is 100 meters beyond which signal strength starts decreasing. However, this distance can be enhanced by using an ethernet extender.

Intelligent Surveillance

Not only does a hikvision nvr-IP cameras system record the activity of the trespassers. But also, it can be programmed to record specific details e.g. no. of people, and certain colors and it can even trigger an alarm if an intruder goes beyond a certain point of your property.

Better Security & Increased Functionality

Generally, cameras do record any suspicious activity within your property yet they don’t alert you in case of any intrusion. Therefore, businesses opt for using both; alarms and nvr camera systems in combination for better security.

In this regard, the Texecom Smartcom is a widget that helps you connect your alarm system to the cloud. It uses a discreet cable to connect to your alarm control panel and can either connect wirelessly or over 4G to the cloud.  Using this widget proves to be beneficial in certain ways.

  • It is customizable to be adjusted in new and old alarm systems.
  • It can be monitored and serviced remotely.
  • It can be easily repaired and is cost-effective.
  • It has dual path monitoring ability which means it can work even if there is no power thus it gives you enhanced security.


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