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My Vision Express EHR – Empowering Eye Care Practices With Integrated Technology


my vision express ehr empowers eye care practices with integrated technology to see more patients, fill more orders, maintain accurate inventory control, file insurance claims, track receivables and reduce errors with ease. It also helps you improve your MIPS score and increases future Medicare Part B reimbursements.

It also includes the myCare iMedicWare Portal to balance in-person interactions with electronic follow-up.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal enables patients to check in, update their contact information, reorder contact lenses and communicate securely with their eye care provider online. It reduces errors from handwritten forms, boosts revenue by taking contact lens orders online, and improves patient engagement and convenience.

Our MACRA-ready, EHR empowers you to fully document eye exams with speed and ease. It also helps you manage appointments, focus on marketing efforts, engage with patients via voice, two-way text messaging, email and local search/online reviews, streamline claims management by automating the authorization, claims, and remittance processes and use hard data to make informed business decisions.

Our Quick Order feature is the ideal point-of-sale system, providing a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions and add payments. Inventory management maintains accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items for a single practice or multiple locations. It also lets you look up and transfer items between locations in real time.


Here are some of the key features of My Vision Express EHR:

  1. Patient Records Management: This feature allows users to manage patient records, including personal details, medical history, appointment history, and insurance information.
  2. Appointment Scheduling: My Vision Express EHR has a built-in appointment scheduler that allows users to manage patient appointments and send reminders via email or text message.
  3. Optical Inventory Management: This feature enables users to manage their optical inventory, including ordering new products, tracking stock levels, and generating reports on product usage and sales.
  4. Electronic Prescriptions: My Vision Express EHR allows users to electronically prescribe medications and eyeglasses, making it easier to track and manage patient prescriptions.
  5. Billing and Invoicing: This feature helps users manage their billing and invoicing processes, including insurance claims and payments, copayments, and outstanding balances.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: My Vision Express EHR provides users with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing them to generate custom reports and analyze data to identify trends and insights.
  7. Telehealth: The software has telehealth capabilities allowing for remote consultations and appointments.

Overall, My Vision Express EHR is a comprehensive software solution designed to help optometrists and ophthalmologists manage their practices more efficiently and effectively.

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MIPS Assurance

my vision express ehr makes light work of your busy front office by virtue of a well designed interface and a hefty dose of scalability and sophistication. We also have the churn to get your data from the back office to your patient waiting room in no time at all. Having said that, a successful implementation of our cloud-based software solutions can free up your time and mind to take care of your patients on your terms. Read Also: Nextgen EHR Cost

iMedicWare Portal

iMedicWare offers portal features that allow patients to register online, request appointments and reorder contact lenses. These functions help both eye care providers and their patients by reducing paperwork, boosting revenue and improving patient satisfaction.

Optical shops also benefit from the Quick Order functionality, which allows you to create orders, fill prescriptions and take additional payments in one screen. This enables you to quickly transition patients from your practice to your retail location, helping them stay satisfied and return for future services.

The iMedicWare Portal is an efficient way to manage patients, and it can provide you with powerful data that will help you grow your business. This software also includes analytical tools that will help you to optimize your marketing efforts.

Quick Order

A fully integrated EHR and practice management solution, My Vision Express is a must have in any optical shop. The software is a slick and well-oiled machine that will not only streamline your operations but also help you achieve the MIPS milestone of getting your feet wet in the Medicare Part B reimbursement game. The software also enables you to see more patients, fill more orders, and maintain the most accurate inventory controls on the planet. The best part is that you can do it all from your home office or mobile device while on the go. The software is a tad pricier than your average ophthalmic office, but it is worth the money for the plethora of features and benefits that will keep you ahead of the competition.


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