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Risks of not get STD Testing?


STD test Los Angeles is essential to identify whether an individual is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease or not. Like any other medical issues, timely diagnosis and treatment is the best way to cure diseases that transmit sexually. Most institutions consider STDs and their testing to be taboo. People dismiss the idea of observing, testing, and diagnosing STDs. In fact, they simply avoid any conversation about STDs. However, the social stigma associated with STDs is the primary reason for the growing number of patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.


There is clealry an ignorance towards sexual health and well-being in a major part of the population. This is mainly because of lack of knowledge as to how severe can be the effect of STDs. There are people who are not aware of the different sexually transmitting diseases, or there are people who just think of it as any other mild illness.


This negligence towards testing of sexually transmitting diseases is the reason why people have to face severe impacts like infertility or even death. Clearly, there are not just one or two diseases that transmit sexually, the list is long enough.

Risks of not choosing STD testing:

Like timely STD testing comes with several benefits, not choosing to go for testing can bring along different risks for different STDs. Following is a list of common STDs that can become serious when you do not diagnose them at the right time:

  • Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common disease transmitting sexually which is treatable when you diagnose it early. In cases an individual ignores this disease, he or she may have to face severe effects. When you do not treat chlamydia, it leads to epididymitis. The males have to then deal with infertility. For the females, not detecting chlamydia can cause severe abdominal pain to uterine infections that are not treatable.

  • Syphilis

Syphilis is another common STD in which people develop painless sores initially. These spreads spread to your partner during sexual contact and can infect them as well. Like chlamydia, syphilis detection at an early stage makes the disease curable. But not treating it in the beginning may cause blindness and deafness. These disabilities sometimes also pass on to newborns.

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  • Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is treatable with antibiotics if you are able to diagnose the same early. But ignorance and not taking the STD test can bring the individual to the stage of infertility. To avoid any such adverse impact, it is always advisable to take STD tests every 6 months if you are sexually active.


This is the most common STD which people know of. Early diagnosis of the same comes with the advantage of timely medications and cure. But when you detect it late, treating the same is very expensive and may still not help in restoration of a lot of functions.


Just by being proactive with STD tests, you will know about the infection at an early stage. It not only helps in timely diagnosis but also gives you the time to process and begin with the treatment. STDs not only have an impact on your health, but they can also infect your sexual partner. There are a number of diseases that can be transmitted sexually, but they are not all identifiable at first. So, in order to stay on top of your health, you should get STD testing every three to six months.When you know about the infection at an early stage, you get the advantage of not having to deal with the adverse pain. Also, in case a particular treatment is not proving to be helpful for your health, your doctor will be able to change the course at an early stage.


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