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Step by Step Guide of Canada Student Visa Process

Canada visa student visa

Canada is one of the most sought after destinations for international students across the world. Every year innumerable students dream of studying in Canadian universities and institutions. Great  quality education, top level academics, and affordability are some reasons why many prefer to go for Canadian university. If you also want to study in Canada, you need to obtain a Canada visa student visa to get admission to top Canadian universities. Read on to understand how to apply for the study visa for Canada.

Application Process of Canada Student Visa for Indian Students

The Canadian government provides a website for immigration and visa process on which each and every details are mentioned. Here are some steps you can follow to apply for a study visa in Canada from India.

  • Apply for University: The first step of a Canadian study visa is to apply for the university. Most of the students prefer to apply for the visa application at least 2 or 3 universities with the hope to get several conformations which they choose.
  • Appear for Language Test: Language test is important for studying abroad. An IELTS test score between 6 to 6.5 is required for the Canada visa student visa. No other tests except IELTS are valid for study visa application.
  • Get your University Acceptance: When you receive admit from any university, pay the required tuition fees as stated in your letter. By paying this amount you confirmed your admission to that university.
  • Receipt of Payment: After paying fees, the university is going to provide you an existing receipt required that is going to belong to the canada study visa process. While filling your visa form, you need to show the proof that belongs to payment.
  • Purchase GIC: To ensure your financial stability inside of the first year inside of canada, you happen to be required to purchase an existing guaranteed investment certificate (gic) that was by an existing participating bank such during the same time that icici bank, sbi canada bank, or cibc bank, that is going to belong to cad 10200. This is going to ensure that you happen to be able to cover your living expenses, with the bank fees that belongs to cad 200. Upon arriving inside of canada, you is going to receive cad 2000, while the rest that belongs to the funds happen to be disburse inside of 12 monthly instalments to assist with living expenses.
  • Proof of Funds: For a study visa in Canada from India, you are require to demonstrate that you have CAD 10,000 per year of your stay in Canada (CAD 13,000 if you plan to study in Toronto), along with your tuition fees. You can use your bank statements, drafts, or a letter from a person or institution providing the funds to fulfil this requirement.
  • Apply for Visa: After filing your visa application, which includes personal questions, you has the ability submit it online through the cic website or has the ability submit an existing paper through the canadian embassy inside of your home country. However, it happens to be essential to verify the processing time that is going to belong to an existing paper application well inside of advance.
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Overall, applying for the Canada student visa process is a bit lengthy and overwhelming, you need to go through several steps to get your study permit for Canada. From choosing the best university to arranging your funds and documents, it takes a lot to apply for the visa. So, if you want a helping hand to assist you in reaching Canadian university along with your study, connect with the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai now. 


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