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Strange Facts about Erectile Dysfunction


Men who experience erection dysfunction and the other individuals they live with may find it a bothersome problem. Men who have the disorder, also known as ED, may find it difficult to establish or maintain sexual closeness.

Men are frequently prone to feeling insecure as a result of ED, which can happen at any time. It can make you feel angry and crush your self-confidence. Anxiety and depression are common symptoms of the illness, and persons who have them may also experience relationship problems.

The precise number of men affected by erectile dysfunction is unknown because of the shame associated with the ailment, although estimates show that between 40% and 70% of US, males may be affected.
Improper blood flow or circulation to the penis is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction or male impotence. However, there are a variety of potential causes for this problem, and Cenforce is one effective treatment option.

We must separate fact from myth in order to comprehend erectile dysfunction and how we might help. Here are several widely accepted ED facts that refute them.

Not only you but 52% of men are also affected by it.

Many people are unaware of how many guys experience erectile dysfunction at some point or another. The majority of guys struggle to achieve or maintain an erection. There are a variety of factors, and we’ll be able to point out the cause.

Age isn’t necessarily a factor

You may believe that becoming older is the main cause of erectile dysfunction in males, but this isn’t always the case. Although it is typically more common in older men, erectile dysfunction can occur in anyone at any age. However, there may be other variables at play that are unrelated to age.

For instance, drinking is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction regardless of age. Another factor that isn’t age-related is obesity.

Possibly a vascular problem

The blood flow is necessary for maintaining an erection. Every time you have an intimate erection, blood fills the spongy tissue that extends all the way to your penis. If there is a reason why the blood cannot enter this tissue, getting an erection that is hard enough to permit sexual intimacy may not be possible.

Some problems that cause cardiovascular disease might occasionally also cause erectile dysfunction. You might not be able to develop or maintain an erection if your blood vessels are stiff or blocked owing to plaque, preventing normal blood flow.

An indication of a health problem

In actuality, erectile dysfunction may be a precursor to atherosclerosis in about 70% of instances. Given that both diabetes and Parkinson’s disease affect the neurological system, they may also cause erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disorders are closely related. According to a study, almost 15% of people with newly diagnosed ED will experience a cardiovascular incident over the next 7 years!

The brain sends a signal to the nerves surrounding the penis area to calm down before blood can enter the spongy tissues of your penis. Consequently, blood can circulate. Parkinson’s disease and diabetes both have negative impacts on the nervous system.

Ruptured blood vessel

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Your ability to acquire an erection depends on the flow of blood, and problems with blood flow can make it difficult to get or keep an erection. A further problem with blood flow is referred to as a “venous leak”.

The blood vessels continue to enlarge and create a kind of seal once the blood has inundated the penis tissue to cause an erection. If you have vein leaks, the tissue’s seal is compromised, blood spills out, and the erection stops happening.

Habits of living

There are numerous aspects of a person’s lifestyle that can cause erectile dysfunction issues. For instance, smoking can lower blood flow, and drinking too much alcohol can impair erections.

Being physically sedentary and chronically high levels of stress can both lead to erectile dysfunction. Clogged arteries may be a result of high cholesterol. So, eating a balanced, healthy diet with little to no fat could help prevent erectile dysfunction.

It is generally accepted that leading an active lifestyle, eating well, and making an effort to live as healthily as possible are the greatest strategies to reduce your risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Importance of Hormones

While being crucial to nearly every biological process in your body, including keeping an erection, hormones. Erectile dysfunction may result from thyroid or pituitary gland issues. In a small percentage of cases, low testosterone levels lead to erectile dysfunction.

Mental health may be a factor.

Both the psychological state of depression and the medication used to treat it may make it difficult to get or keep an erection.

Erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and depression are all related. If you experienced one of these, the other two will be evaluated automatically.

Some men who have had a bad sexual experience may develop ED for psychogenic reasons rather than a medical problem. Erectile dysfunction issues may result from the tension and anxiety that might be a source of stress. A counselling session might be the best course of action in these situations.

There are alternatives to Viagra.

When people think of treating erectile dysfunction, many of them immediately picture medications like Vidalista 20mg. But there are lots of therapy options. The one that is most likely to work for you depends on the cause of your dysfunctional erectile, your medical history, and a variety of other factors.


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