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Suppliers of Himalayan Salt


Pakistan supplies most of its Himalayan salt to the US, Vietnam, and Brazil, making it the world’s second-largest supplier and exporter. The top three suppliers and exporters of Himalayan salt are Pakistan with 8760 units, followed by India with 3077 units, and China in third place with 2040 units.
Which country are the best supplier and exporter of Himalayan Salt?
Himalayan salt from Pakistan is probably the best in the world. The finest Himalayan salt comes from the Khewra mine, the second-largest salt mine in the world, located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt has a pink color due to its mineral content and is often used as an ingredient to replace processed table salt. It is also used in cooking and food preparation.
The following list contains the top suppliers and exporters of Himalayan salt in Pakistan.

1. Standard Salt

It was established in 1999, Standard Salt is the largest Himalayan rock salt suppliers in pakistan . It usually exports large quantities of pink salt, table salt, and cooking salt. With over 300 customers and more than 400 dedicated employees, the company is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of Himalayan salt in Pakistan. The company produces large quantities of high-quality salt and exports it at wholesale prices to international salt producers.
Standard Salt (Pvt) Ltd product list includes potable salt, which is used in large quantities for salt production and consumption and exported abroad. Smaller salt types are available in smaller sizes but with the same functionality. Next comes bead salt and commercial salt for industrial purposes. Bead salt is classified as table salt. It also includes iodide salt, animal salt, processed salt, and lamp salt (also called rock salt). All these salts are used domestically and exported to other countries subject to quality assurance.

2. Salt Miners

It is a company run by two brothers and businessmen from Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan. Salt Miners is not only a growing marketing company for pink salt in Pakistan but also a reliable exporter of pink Himalayan salt products in Pakistan. Pink Salt Miners supplies edible pink Himalayan salt, pink salt lamps, cutlery, salt sticks, and salt shakers from all over the world. Customers are in all regions, including the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

3. Al Maruf

The company has been supplying and exporting salt from the Himalayas since 2015 and is one of the best-known companies of its kind. It sells all types of Himalayan pink salt products.

4. HR Salt.

HR Salt is also Pakistan’s supplier of Himalayan salt. They manufacture and sell Himalayan pink salt products in Karachi. HR Salt is a subsidiary of the Al Azeem factory, which supplies Himalayan pink salt to food producers worldwide. They have had a personal contract with HR Salt since inception and we believe they live up to our core values of VIP service, quality products, and timely delivery.

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5. Al Raza

Himalayan Salt is a subsidiary of Al Raza Group, a Pakistani company operating in various industries. Al Raza Himalayan Salt is based in Lahore and supplies Himalayan salt. is the world’s largest supplier of healthy forms of Himalayan pink salt blocks. We are a family-run business specializing in manufacturing, importing, and distributing high-quality Himalayan rock salt products.

6. MN Brothers

This company sells high-quality Himalayan salt in bulk at competitive prices and enjoys the trust of many customers. Himalayan salt is manufactured using safe methods and is available in different grain sizes. At Himalayan Salt, they are committed to delivering your goods safely and on time with an emphasis on the highest quality.

7. Farooq. co

They can supply at least one container of salt and order a mixture of coarse and fine salt. Processing and delivery time depend on confirmed orders.


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