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Ten Hag’s Tactics Analysed


Ten Hag has made an incredible turnaround and United appear much more competitive than they did under Alex Ferguson. They have won their first trophy since last year, are close to qualifying for Champions League qualification and may soon mount a title challenge.

One of the key ingredients in this transformation has been the team’s spirit. Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro brought energy, intensity and leadership into the dressing room – and they’re inspiring others to follow suit.

1. The 4-4-2

Ten Hag has done an exemplary job of turning United around since taking charge. Fans have praised him for reviving Sir Alex Ferguson’s spirit and instilling renewed hope in his team members.

He has also brought in superior players, improved the technical level of the squad and restored health to those injured last season – all of which have enabled him to create a more stable team with players who understand what he expects of them and are beginning to play their way.

United are currently the best defensive team in the Premier League, having only lost two games so far this year (2022/23). Both losses came against teams who couldn’t break through, with Brighton and Brentford falling by 2-1 and 4-0 scores respectively.

2. The 4-3-3

After Manchester United’s dismal start, Erik Ten Hag has transformed the club and they are currently sitting in fifth place. With his clear message and ability to motivate players, Ten Hag has proven himself a successful manager.

His success has been due to the way he’s built a team that plays to each individual’s strengths. While it was no easy feat, United now look like they may just miss out on the top four this season on current form.

Tactics-wise, they are using a 4-3-3 formation and have had excellent results this season. This attacking formation allows the three midfielders to offer plenty of cover while creating an offensive threat up front. The fullbacks can either push forward for attack or drop back to help defend against counterattacks.

3. The 4-3-1-2

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United’s 4-3-1-2 formation has become one of the world’s most successful lineups, and Ten Hag’s approach has been key in its success. This formation offers plenty of passing options, can dominate in midfield and maintains possession well.

Ten Hag’s approach to playing United allows his players more freedom to move into halfspaces, which has contributed significantly to their improved build-up play. By exploiting space created by centre backs, fullbacks and center midfielders against them, they have shown a better grasp of how to get into these zones.

Casemiro’s addition has further simplified the transition, as his versatility as both a defensive midfielder and double pivot has allowed United to build more quickly on the pitch. With his mindset and skillset suited for 4-3-1-2 formation, Casemiro has already proven invaluable to Ten Hag’s tactics thus far bein match.

4. The 4-3-2-2

Ten Hag’s work has not always been smooth, but his efforts have been instrumental in United’s remarkable turnaround. Their 4-0 thrashing of Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on Tuesday night was their first win since December and another example of Ten Hag’s tactical ideas taking hold.

One of the biggest changes this season has been how much deeper they’re playing. Through improved build-up, they’ve been able to maximize their possession early in the season.

When they do have the ball, they’ve been far more assertive with it. There is a strong sense of solidity at the back and, when playing defence, they haven’t let opponents make easy transitions into their box.

Their adaptability is also paramount in their midfield, where Christian Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes form a formidable double pivot. They know when to switch up to number-eight positions to play 4-3-3 formation, as well as when to support their centre-backs in the middle of the pitch.

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