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The 12 Best Technology Blogs in 2023


Top Tech Blogs

The technological world is huge.

Every day every second, it seems, we hear about a new product launch new research breakthrough, a breakthrough in research or some other innovation that will alter our way of life work, play, and live.

The challenge is keeping up with the flood of data is a issue to keep up with the pace, as anyone who works in technology understands.

There are numerous blogs that can help you stay updated on the latest technology information, the best products worth purchasing and the impact technology has on our daily lives.

The blogosphere of tech bloggers but, it’s as vast as the technology itself, making it difficult to decide who you should be following and reading about.

To help you navigate the clutter To help you make sense of it all, we’ve compiled this list of top technology blogs available on the web.

If you’re looking for tech-related information relevant to your job or trying to figure out the best phone you ought to buy or are looking for ideas to create your own blog about technology You’ll find it on the websites listed below.


If you’re looking for a reliable site to get tech news as well as tutorials and product reviews CNET is your top choice.

The website covers many different topics and provides the most up-to-date news on everything from technology and culture and security.

There’s also an entire section on their website dedicated exclusively to smart home technology which makes it a useful resource should you’re looking to create an intelligent home or modify your existing setup.

They also can provide assistance in purchasing a vehicle and help to find the perfect mix of safety, fuel efficiency, and performance.

In addition to blog posts written by writers information, CNET also has podcasts and videos on tech-related topics that range across Microsoft through Apple as well as smartphones and wearables to.


Are you looking for a blog that covers a wide range of tech-related news, from social media and apps to the latest technology startups?

If so, then you’ll be a fan of TechCrunch. As you can tell from the headlines on the above picture, TechCrunch focuses especially on the business aspect of technology, which includes IPOs to keep an eye on and noteworthy mergers and acquisitions of tech companies.

The site is clean and tidy, which makes it enjoyable to browse.


If you’re a technology-related business professional who would like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends as well as issues and news in IT you’ll find that ZDNet is an excellent site to follow.

The site covers general topics, like reviews of smartphones and computers but the focus is on technical issues (such the process of upgrading to the most current version of Ubuntu for example.).

Consider it CNET’s more nerdy cousin (their similarities aren’t just a coincidence since both are part that are part of CBS Interactive).

MIT Technology Review

” MIT Technology Review” is the longest-running technology magazine in the world The first issue of the magazine was published in 1899.

On their website they provide information on subjects like the business and political implications of technology, sustainable energysources, and AI.

Since it’s printed in a magazine and a print magazine, the editorial standards of “MIT Technology Review” tend to be higher than other websites that publish exclusively online, and at the speed of news cycles.

It’s therefore a good resource for you to go to when you need more detailed, in-depth analysis on how technologies are shaping our lives and in the future.

However this isn’t the ideal location to find tech tutorials or reviews.


Gizmodo Gizmodo HTML0 is an online magazine that covers technology, design as well as science and fiction.

A distinct distinction from other websites, this site also includes information on politics.

It’s worth a visit for those who want to get away from the tech-focused, industry-focused reporting of other websites (though you’ll get a decent amount of this type of content, if you’d like it).

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Engadget is an online blog that features articles on consumer electronics, gadgets gaming, entertainment and gaming.

Find detailed product reviews and buyers’ guides for headphones, laptops, phones as well as home theater as well as gaming equipment.

Alongside the version in English it is also available in Japanese as well as Mandarin Chinese.


Wired is a technology site featuring posts on culture, business and science, security as well as transportation and gear and also the concepts that will shape the future.

News is definitely the main most important thing and there is plenty of analysis and commentary on culture.

The writing style is easy to read and understand, making it an excellent website to visit when you want to be informed about the general outlines of technology without getting in the technical weeds.

The Next Web

The term is commonly used to refer to TNW to shorten it, The Next Web is a source for the latest in internet technology, news about tech trends as well as gadget reviews.

They also host an annual conference every year, which explores the impact of technology on the business world (this year’s theme was AI and blockchain technology).

Like you’ll see in the above image the website focuses on breaking news and is constantly making sure that its main feed is updated with latest news.

If you are interested in staying up-to-date in all technological developments This is the blog to follow.

The Verge

The Verge is a website that explores the intersection between science, technology art and the arts and.

In reality, the coverage of technology is only the small portion of the topics discussed on the site however, you’ll find plenty of information on the most recent trends in apps, devices and the impact of media technology on the political landscape.

The Verge is also slow-moving in its writing than other news-focused sites and even has a separate “longform” section that examines more in depth than the typical clickbait or listicle news article.


If you’re looking for a technology approach that is targeted at IT professionals as well as power users and PC gamers, then go through Techiewall.

There’s not more of a cultural perspective than other technology blogs..

Instead, the attention will be on how technology works, as this choice of headlines below shows.

The blog doesn’t shy away from become technical and will provide you with hardware buying guides and software development tutorials and tips on how you can ensure that your PC is operating to its best potential.


Mashable is an information technology website which also covers the world of entertainment as well as culture.

In some ways it reaches the realm of popular websites like BuzzFeed and includes quizzes with titles such as “Are Are You An Apple Expert? Take a test to prove Your Knowledge.”

However, the site offers informative explanations of a variety of technology advancements, especially in the video content.


SlashGear SlashGear HTML0 is an online personal review of technology covering everything from automobiles to wearables to the most recent Apple as well as Android operating system.

There are buyer’s guides to every gadget you can imagine buying as well as sections devoted to health and science.


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