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Weather Effecting on over environment

Weather Element Weather Instruments

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Weather is very important in human and animal life. The weather concerns everyone and has some effected on nearly every human activity. It occurs within the atmosphere and the mixture of gases that completely envelope earth. It is define as the fleeting and day to day state of the atmosphere over any place of earth surface. Weather state of atmosphere at a particular place during a short period of time.

Weather Element

There are several primary condition of the atmosphere or weather element.
Wind is the movement of air parallel to earth surface. Were it not for earth rotation and winds. Would generally below from areas of high pressure towards of low pressure.

Temperature changes may also be connected with wind direction. In the northern hemisphere winds from the south usually 0btain boil Temperature, while northerly winds are normally accompanied by falling temperature.
Atmosphere pressure
Atmosphere pressure by itself as limited significance in weather forecasting. However, changes in pressure do matter, if a correction is made for normal change, such as a fall in pressure that usually occurs during the midday hours.
Humidity is the amount of weather vapor in the air. If there is lot of water vapor in the air then humidity is very high. High humidity is also associated with hurricanes. Air with high moisture contain is necessary for hurricane to develop. When water vapor in the air as humidity is make the temperature feel warmer. The humidity lower air feel cooler.
Often signal an imminent weather change. Rising clouds levels indicate clearing weather. Thickening and lowering clouds signify precipitation. Clouds from when water vapor cooled below its due point and condenses into tiny but visible droplets or ice crystals.
Weather Instruments
Weather condition are measured by standard instrument. . An anemometer consist of three or four winds-driven cubs mounted on a vertical axis whose rate of rotation various with wind speed. Wind direction is indicated by a vane a pointer that’s swing with the wind. Temperature is measured by a thermometer. The most common type was a glass tube in which the height of column of mercury of alcohol various with change in temperature.
Methods of Weather forecasting
One of the most common method of weather forecasting is synoptic forecasting. It is based on a summery or synoptic of the total weather picture at a given time. The development and movement of weather system in shown on a sequence of synoptic charts or weather maps. The basic weather predictions used in the United State are prepared at the National center for environmental prediction (NCEP) in camp spring Maryland.
Type of weather
There are different types of weather for kids to learn about, some of these are:
Sunny weather day are day when there are very little are no clouds in the sky. When usually experience more sunny days in the summer when the days are warmer. Sunny day are most common in spring and summer but they can also happen autumn and winter but usually they are less warm in these seasons.


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Rainy weather happen when there are large clouds in the sky that produce rain. Cloudy day become rainy day if the clouds get large enough and there a lot of precipitation. There are some parts of the world were rainy days happen almost every day for week at a time and other parts of the would were rainy day are rare.

Snow day usually happen in winter were precipitation fall as snow instead of rain. This happen because the low temperature case the water in clouds of freeze and become snowflakes which fall to the ground and pile become snowflakes which up. Snow day are often very could but they also allow for lots of fun activities such as sledding, snowball, fights, building, Snowman.


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