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What Are Some Vitamins That Can Help You Grow Taller?

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Though genes play the most important role in determining your height, some people may not reach the height determined by their genes. In most cases, it is due to vitamin deficiencies, and though you cannot directly use vitamins to grow taller, there are supplements that you can take.
Vitamins play an essential role in growth and development and help to make your bones healthier and stronger. But this is only possible when you take all the important nutrients and vitamins for your body. Before you opt to take the best supplement, read the blog below to learn more about the vitamins that can help you grow taller.

What Are Some Vitamins That Can Help You Grow Taller?
Some of the vitamins that can help to improve your height are as follows:

Vitamin D
This is an essential vitamin that can help to make your bones stronger and longer. When you do not receive this vitamin in your daily dosage, your bones and teeth usually become weaker. Other than sunlight (considered a major source of vitamin D), you can also enhance your vitamin D intake by consuming food rich in vitamin D.

You can take fortified milk and mushrooms that are rich in this vitamin in your diet, which can help you reach your genetic height. Vitamin D can also help in contributing to achieving your optimal height by ensuring your body effectively absorbs phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for body growth.

Vitamin B1
You can find this vitamin in the best supplements available in the market. Vitamin B1 can help you achieve your optimal height indirectly, as it greatly supports your growth and development. This vitamin also helps to regularize the digestion process.

Vitamin B1 helps to contribute to a healthy heart and nervous system. While this vitamin may not directly contribute to your height, it can help support your physical well-being. Some of the common sources of Vitamin B1 are peanuts, pork, soybeans, and rice.

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Vitamin B2
Also known as Riboflavin, vitamin B2 is an important vitamin that can help to improve height. It helps to support the growth of your hair, bones, nails, and skin. The foods that are rich in this vitamin are eggs, fish, milk, and green vegetables.

Vitamin C
Another name of this vitamin is ascorbic acid, and it helps to improve the strength of your bones and teeth while promoting their growth. This vitamin is considered a rich antioxidant that can improve your immunity and help prevent any kind of illness. You can find this vitamin in tomatoes, potatoes, citrus fruits, and berries.

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