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What is an outdoor resin driveway?


An outdoor stone carpet consists of millions of dried and sieved small stones or other elements (e.g. sand), mixed with a type of resin driveway.

First of all, an adhesion primer is applied, on top of which the stone carpet is spread.

Unlike an indoor stone carpet, a special glue is used as a binding agent instead of Epoxy.

Polyurethane (PU) is a UV-resistant, environmentally friendly and non-toxic agent. The stones are also colored with this non-yellowing coating. When the stones and the binder are mixed, everything is smeared. This PU resin will ensure that the outdoor floor is elastic and resistant to extreme temperatures. The whole will be hardened in 4 hours.

Resistant to frost, abrasion and moss

First and foremost, a stone carpet is very tear and wear resistant and water permeable thanks to its open structure. This way you will not be bothered by puddles on the terrace during heavy rain. In addition, this material is also protected against freezing temperatures or very high temperatures. You also don’t have to worry about growth of moss or weeds. Provided a minimum of maintenance, this green vegetation will be omitted.

Fast installation

Furthermore, a stone carpet can be installed relatively quickly compared to other materials. Especially if your terrace has many corners or round shapes, this is not an extra time-consuming obstacle. There is no need for customization; everything connects seamlessly. The result is a nice even whole without local subsidence.

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Multiple applications

A stone carpet can also be perfectly installed outside as a walking path in the garden, as a driveway or parking lot, around your swimming pool or even on a balcony.

Stone carpet can be placed on top of different types of surface. Asphalt, tiles, concrete, pavers, stabilization sand; it’s all no problem. If a surface is already present, it must be stable enough. Usually a border is also provided around the stone carpet. For example, it can be made of bluestone, aluminum or concrete.

Cost of stone carpet outside

The price of a stone carpet terrace depends on the total surface and the chosen colours. You will of course also pay more if you have the work carried out by professionals. Laying a stone carpet requires the necessary specialism. It is therefore advisable to call in an expert Resin driveway.


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