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What you need to know before visiting an urgent care center?


USC Clinic Los Angeles is helping a number of patients on a daily basis with their non-life-threatening medical requirements. This is a walk-in clinic that helps patients by providing immediate medical care in their time of need. It is not always necessary to visit an emergency room. The need for doctor’s appointments, urgent care centres, or emergency room visits varies depending on the medical condition. So, the next time you have trouble breathing, strains, or other similar symptoms, all you have to do is go to an urgent care center.

Whenever a patient is facing any medical inconvenience that is not a threat to life, he or she can easily visit an urgent care center. Situations like mild fever, cold, cough, nausea, minor injury, or accident are all treatable at a good urgent care center like the Vermont Urgent Care. Urgent care is available at the USC clinic Los Angeles, which is a walk-in clinic. As a result, the urgent care center’s primary focus is on treating serious injuries and illnesses. There are numerous medical situations in which a trip to the emergency room is not required.


Key points to know before visiting USC Clinic:

Everyone is aware that an urgent care center is helpful with medical concerns that are not life-threatening. However, there is more that you need to know when you think of making a visit there. You may have come across the term ‘urgent care’. Essentially, urgent care refers to the treatment of a serious illness, condition, or injury. The severity of the condition should prompt any reasonable person to seek immediate medical attention. However, the condition does not necessitate an emergency hospital visit. Following are some points that you should keep in mind before visiting any urgent care center:

  • Never visit an urgent care for life-threatening emergencies

Life-threatening emergencies include shortness of breath, chest pain, major bone injury, etc. In all these situations, you definitely need to go to an emergency room that has all the resources to provide the best care. For situations that cause discomfort but not a threat to life, all fall under the arena of urgent care centers.

  • Check the website

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The urgent care centers are commonly walk-in clinics, where you don’t require any prior appointment. Having said that, there are urgent care centers that come with online appointment booking facility. So in case you are thinking of visiting an urgent care center, try to visit the website and book an appointment to save time.

  • When to visit the clinic

While urgent care centers are mostly open at all hours, there are peak hours for every center. During this time, the waiting period can be as long as a few hours which may become a point of trouble. Therefore, it is always a recommendation to either book an appointment or visit the center at a time when the number of patients is less.

  • Things to bring along during the visit

Unlike your doctor or an emergency room, the urgent care center comes with some resource limitations. Not all machines are available for different medical tests and neither is your medical history known to the team there. Hence, getting essential reports, previous medical records, prescriptions, etc is helpful when you visit the urgent care center.

Bottom line:

Clearly, visiting the right place at the right time will help in getting the best medical attention. Urgent care centers are helpful in particular scenarios which every individual must know about. Life-threatening emergencies require a visit to the emergency room immediately. So make sure you are making the decision of visiting an urgent care center wisely as per your medical need.


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