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Where can I get free laptops for Senior Citizens?


Senior citizens who wish to stay current and involved in the numerous advantages of technology can locate cheap or free Laptops in the event that they cannot pay the typical retail price.

Get Free laptops for senior citizens now and know more details….

 You can find no-cost Laptops for seniors at corporate sponsorship programs at the national and local level and the government, as well as non-profit organisations who help seniors as well as Laptop recycling businesses.

The best sources of laptops and computers for seniors

Many companies or businesses give away their old Laptops to non-profit organisations. Therefore, it is important to inquire with any agencies or companies who can guide you to potential local or online sources for free Laptops. Certain programs may require proof of income from the family or a recommendation from an aid program of the government. It is possible to find out more about certain programs with the help of laptops at the library.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

Find your phone directory or ask for help in searching the global Microsoft Refurbisher Directory to find certified Laptop repairers within your region. Microsoft has sponsored the recycling program to offer Laptops at no cost or for a nominal price to those who require them. Microsoft works with the refurbishers to cut down on the waste of technology components and its negative impact on the environment, as well as helping put Laptops into people’s homes for more families and “bridge the digital gap.”

Laptops with Causes

Laptops with Causes is another national U. S. Laptop donation program which provides used and free Laptops predominantly to educational establishments. However, they also offer Laptops to people. You must fill out and submit the application online. Visit your local community centre or library to complete the application even if you don’t immediately have access to a Laptop.

Regional Programs

There are numerous programs that provide free Laptops for seniors, particularly, those with low incomes – at the local scale. If you’re not located close to one of these organisations, find similar organisations near you and ask about the eligibility criteria.

Smart Riverside

If you reside within Riverside, California and your household has an income of less than $45,000 Contact the Smart Riverside Digital Inclusion Program. This program is run locally by nonprofit and government organisations to offer free Laptops to families with low incomes. To qualify for an unrestricted Laptop you must complete 8 hours Laptop instruction.

Free Geek

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If you’re able to, you can volunteer for Free Geek, located in Portland, Oregon. Free Geek is a nonprofit company that refurbishes Laptops and gives them away to community organisations and schools. You can take a complimentary Laptop home when you volunteer to do a brief period in their organisation. You can get a laptop to be an individual volunteer or you can build your own Laptop to bring to home.

Local Options

While there are some local sources of laptops for free for senior citizens that may not be advertised widely It’s possible that free laptops are readily available to those who want to search and search for a laptop that is free.

Your Community Senior Center

Senior community centres provide a range of support services to seniors. It’s a good place where you can check the local sources that provide free Laptops. The centre may also offer the basic Laptop knowledge training. If you’re associated with another social service or a vocational education centre, you could inquire about laptops that are free for seniors.

Local Government Laptops for Free or non-profit sources

Look online or in your phone book for organisations, whether nonprofit or government-owned, and charities in your community that might offer free Laptops for senior citizens. Contact your local library, your city’s hall, or even community groups like Rotary to assist you in finding local or county as well as state agencies that could participate in Laptop recycle and donations programs.

Goodwill Industries, for example, has partnered in partnership with Dell Laptop to recycle donated Laptops. Contact at your nearest Goodwill store or visit to learn how you can gain access to one of the Laptops that are not broken for spare parts, but instead refurbished to reuse.

Local Laptop Repair Shops

Repair shops for laptops within your area might have refurbished Laptops of any model they will donate to you at no cost or at a low cost. Look in your phone book or go online to call a repair shop in your area or go to the location and ask for assistance.

School Laptop Upgrades

Schools within your locality or county and private schools in particular occasionally offer their older Laptops as they upgrade. Certain schools will only give to families who have one or more children attending the school. It’s not a bad idea to reach out to schools around you to inquire about the ways they reuse the old Laptops.


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